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Week 2 of clinical training in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

In the mornings Dr. Thomas is treating patients in the hospital. For each patient, he is asked to explain the rationale for his diagnosis. Then he performs acupuncture on each patient. In the afternoons he treats patients for free at Dr. Marc Mezard’s house.

Treating patients at Marc Mezard’s house in the afternoon.



Vietnamese acupuncture is quite dynamic because the functional evaluation and treatment takes into consideration the 6 roots (essence, Qi (from respiratory), Qi (from muscular movement), Spirit, blood, and body fluids); the 5 elements, (wood, fire, earth, metal, water); the 8 principles (internal / external, yin / yang, cold / hot, acute / chronic); and we use questioning, pulse, tongue, and palpation of the front Mu (alarm) points on the body to gather the appropriate diagnostic information. Dr. Marc Mezard and the local doctors in the hospital have shared a lot of clinical pearls and the doctors really enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience.

Dr. Thomas treating a patient who had a stroke


One of the nicest signed books Dr. Thomas have received ❤️“For aspecial student. I was impressed by his knowledge. Happy to met you” From Dr. Marc Mezard

This program has been a tremendous learning experience for Dr. Thomas so far and he feels that it has deepened his understanding and application of Traditional East Asian Medicine.

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