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As a sign of appreciation, our patients from the Luna family had this plaque handmade by their relatives in Ensenada, Mexico.
Thank you!
My brother in law has a problem of muscle atrophy on the left side of his body caused by a stroke nine years ago. He is under treatment with the acupuncturist Geoff Thomas, combined with physical therapy for about a year. Two months ago or so, he started making short walks, something he could not do since his stroke happened. I'm very happy about that and very impressed with the results that he has had with acupuncture. For the excellent work you do, but mostly, for the warmth and humanity that you give to people, thank you very much Geoff, you are a great acupuncturist, but above all a great human being. See you next Saturday!

Luna Family.

This wonderful man, Geoff Thomas of TRIPOINT Holistic Therapy, will always have a special place in my heart. He is a true miracle worker! Three weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, something that I never thought would be possible. My husband and I had tried for over 6 years to have a baby. Over the course of those 6 long years, I experienced 4 miscarriages, and various treatments from numerous doctors. When I had just about given up hope of ever having children, my aunt told me about Geoff Thomas. I figured it couldn't hurt to try acupuncture, yet I was weary about getting my hopes up. It turns out it was the best decision I could have ever made. Geoff was so kind and caring, and I immediately felt extremely comfortable with him. Once I started acupuncture and herbs, I was pregnant within one month. I continued acupuncture with Geoff throughout the course of my pregnancy. He was so supportive. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to Geoff. Last week I had the pleasure of introducing my little Ashley to Geoff. It was something that I had envisioned over the course of my pregnancy, and it was a very special moment. I can never thank Geoff enough for all that he did for us.

April G.

I have known Geoff since he graduated from Pacific College 5 years ago. Here are some of the reasons why I kept going back to see him for acupuncture treatments as well as recommended many of my friends to him: He is passionate in what he does. I believe that being an Acupuncturist/Herbalist is a lifetime passion of his. I know that he would often take workshops from Chinese doctors to further enhance his excellent skills. He is very caring. He treats me like a VIP the minute I arrived. He is very personal, yet professional. He takes his time reading my pulse and ACCURATELY diagnose what my current condition is. I really think that he is a psychic :) In addition, he takes his time treating my symptoms as well as suggests some Chinese herbs for me to take. I highly recommend Geoff. In my opinion, he is THE best in San Diego.

Tai N.

A year ago I found out that I had a thyroid issue and I had to stop trying to have a baby until my thyroid was fixed. After a couple of months being treated by an endocrinologist my thyroid was more or less stabilized so I started trying to conceive again but I didn´t have any results for almost a year so I decided to give a try to acupuncture. I chose Geoff among all the other therapists because of the good reviews. My first visit was magical; he found out many of the things that were wrong in me just by taking my pulse and looking at my tongue. We set up a weekly therapy that combined acupuncture and some herbs made especially for addressing my issues. Every time I went to his office the experience was amazing. He was totally involved in my case, made me feel special and gave me all the support that I needed to overcome these difficult moments. A month and a half after starting with him I found out that I was pregnant. I still cannot believe it! I´m still seeing Geoff weekly and enjoying my sessions. I don´t have enough words to thank him for all the things he has made for me.

Carmen G.

I have gone to see Geoff Thomas for acupuncture. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Bell's Palsy, the temporary paralysis of one side of the face. For me it was the right side. The prognosis of this affliction is anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months normally, with most cases of the paralysis coming back to a normal 85% to 100%.Geoff started treating my a week ago, 1 week after being diagnosed. I have had 4 treatments so far with acupuncture as well as a treatment called moxie, which is a heating element held close to the face to open up the channels of the face in conjunction with the needles. Within this time frame of 1 week and 4 treatments, Geoff has been able to revert back the paralysis by at least 90% so far... AMAZING. Before my treatments, I was not able to close or blink my right eye, had no facial movement on the ride side, was not able to smile, chew or drink properly from a cup. As of this morning, I can do all that again. I have, according to my eye doctor 100% tight closing ability in my eye and 80% blinking and close. My smile is almost 100%. I attribute all of this success to the acupuncture treatments. I am so grateful to Geoff for the treatments.

Richard H.

Geoff's amazing use of Diagnostic Pulse was the main reason I chose Geoff and Tripoint for my 86 year old Dad's first acupuncture experience. Geoff revealed things that my Dad "forgot" to mention to me. He explained thoroughly what would be the best methods to address each of the symptoms. He always asked if Dad felt any pain with the needles (Dad felt no pain and actually felt more relaxed during the treatment). Office Manager Tommy was very personable and really did a lot to ease Dad's needle anxiety.

Clemente O.

Dr. Geoff is a real McCoy. I have been fortunate to meet a few TCM docs from China in the past. These docs had good command of English however, they never took time to explain about TCM treatments. On the other hand, Dr. Geoff can explain the TCM treatments in layman's terms that I can understand. I feel very lucky to find him.

Emi K.

I have suffered from back pain for years. About three years ago I was training for a half marathon and the pain was truly excruciating. I literally had to crawl into the shower to bathe because the pain from standing was unbearable. I believe the mind is incredibly powerful, but my tight IT band and weak core muscles got the best of me. Someone suggested chiropractic care, which only went so far in reducing the pain. My chiropractor and MD suggested accupuncture, but needles make me incredibly anxious. Dr. Geoff suggested we try massage. I've had massages all over the world- in California, Mexico, Europe. In my book, Dr Geoff rates at the very top along with only one other therapist in Central California. Others pale in comparison. I trust him completely. He not only has the magic touch, he is one of the most kind, caring and compassionate human beings I've met. I think he has truly found his calling as a healer. I count myself lucky to have found Geoff, and I wish him all the best with Tripoint!

Deborah M.

After my traumatic accident last April 2012 I went to see my western medical doctors for care and pain relief. Initially I got over the acute phase of pain but even after 5 months I still was experiencing pain in my back, headaches, and difficulty sleeping due to the stress of the trauma. Geoff helped me a lot! He used a combination of acupuncture and acupressure massage. I felt less back pain and my headaches were occurring less often. What I most was surprised about what how my mental and emotional out looked change and I was sleeping better. Thank you! I highly recommend Geoff. He is professional, knowledgeable and kind. I like the amount of time Geoff always gave me each time I never feel rushed. Also, his acupuncture clinic is very pleasant and peaceful.

Catherine H.

Injured my back while in the military service - my back pain kept getting worst to the point that I was getting back spasm unannounced. After a couple of treatments with Geoff I'm feeling much better and almost back to the way I was. I am really glad I went to Geoff. Thank you - you've given me my life back.

Anthony S.

Geoff Thomas has been an indispensable part of my success as a professional ballet dancer. Whether it be ankle sprains, back spasms or plain old fatigue, Geoff always provides a great level of relief. What's even more impressive is Geoff's differentiation point from the perfunctory medical provider in that he educates you and allows you the opportunity to help yourself regain your health, or at least work towards it. But I think the best thing about Geoff's approach is that he knows when to listen and knows when to speak. He describes his methods fully and transparently with a very calming, soothing, placating tone of voice that puts one at ease instantaneously. The office is located in a professional high rise tower with easy access and plenty of parking. Plus there is a gorgeous view out of the windows at dusk. Schedule near the evening for one of the most impressionable sunsets the city has to offer. It's almost worth the price of admission : )

John S.

The offices is uncluttered , calming , the view enhancing in many ways however most important , there is a deep listening , with full attention and a strong sense and knowing that Geoff is dedicated and very present to each concern . Also a gentle intelligent opennness and healthy responsive communication and moment by moment interactive feed back. There is space for quiet healing to take place allowing trust

Zena C.

A little over a year ago, I started seeing Dr. Geoff in another venue. This was my first acupuncture treatment mind you, and I was having difficulty with blood pressure and the medicines for it, in particular. My prescrip. med was not doing anything but making me feel very bad. Geoff treated me and prescribed some herbs. Within 24 HOURS.. my BP went from 156/101 to 120/80... It totally blew me away and made me a believer in acupuncture. Fast forward a year, and during one session as he was performing his "differential pulse diagnosis," he asked me if I was having chest pains. No, I said, and thought nothing of it.. that is, until I went to the ER a week later with... severe CHEST PAINS... It turned out to require gall bladder surgery, but the pain was so severe it felt like a heart attack. Geoff is one of the few in the area that studied and practiced the pulse analysis as taught by Dr. Jimmy Chang in LA. When Dr. Geoff started his private practice, it was a no-brainer that I follow. Thankfully, my insurance covers licensed acupuncturists and Geoff recently signed up to be a preferred provider of my plan. I am so glad I found Dr. Geoff!

Carol S.

I've been a recipient of acupuncture for many years for various health issues and nobody knows acupuncture better than Geoff Thomas. He has helped me immensely with my ongoing sinus problems. His treatments have also helped relieve me of lower back pain, chronic fatigue, and emotional issues. His knowledge of this ancient modality goes way beyond acupuncture as he is also very well versed in the subject of herbs and nutrition. I have enjoyed many spirited conversations with Geoff about these very topics. His patient and kind demeanor are comforting and I never feel rushed or out of place when I visit his office. Congrats Geoff on your new location; it is beautiful, peaceful, and healing; truly a zen experience! I wish you all the success in the world.

Martin M.

I've been seeing Geoff for a few years now, and still I am amazed at what Geoff can do with his needles. And his pulse diagnosis, he could tell me what is hurting or bugging me before I even notice it. I abuse my body pretty hard with running everyday and boot camp three times a week, so I'm pretty much in some sort of pain, but after each time I visit Geoff everything is much better. You name it, I got it, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splint, IT band, and he was able to help with it all. I've seen him for my digestive problem, and that works out great too. It clears up my indigestion and bloating without having to take any drugs like I used to. Geoff really is a miracle worker.

Hai T.

I'm a needlephobe--needles scare me... but when I threw out my back last summer and could barely move, I knew I didn't want to deal with drugs and muscle relaxants... I figured it was time to give acupuncture a try, and my friends all insisted I see Geoff... for good reason, as it turned out: I crawled in there and within a couple hours, I was able to walk out almost as good as new! I needed a tuneup a couple days later, but I was back to normal within a couple days... I've seen him a couple of times since then when I've been out of whack mentally or physically, and he always seems to get me back in sync... As I'm writing this, I'm thinking I need to go see him again soon! I still don't look at the needles, but I feel very confident that they're tools being used by an expert. Geoff is super professional and knowledgeable, and he's willing to share his understanding of both the eastern and western worlds of medicine and how they relate to what's going on. Add me to the chorus of people that swear by him!

Russ E.

Excellent experience at Tripoint Holistic Therapy, Im going to be a regular! The office there is SO friendly, clean and simple beautiful I am so grateful to Geoff for the treatments. Thank you for treating me for my patello-femoral syndrome; I can now walk without pain and the symptoms appear to be gone. Geoff was quite a nice professional. Very sweet and soft spoken, he made me feel right comfortable with him. Geoff's knowledge and passion for his patient. I'm Highly recommend Geoff Thomas and Tripoint Holistic Therapy

Claudia T.

I had my first acupuncture treatment from Geoff Thomas after 2 doctor visits and a month of physical therapy offered me little relief for a knee injury. I have had acupuncture before from other places so I understood the value but this treatment exceeded my expectations. I experienced instant relief from the pain and the swelling subsided. It was the most relaxed and at peace I had been in months. Geoff also prescribed some natural Chinese herbs I have been taking to continue with the pain relief and reduce the inflamation. SOLD!!! - It has been 5 days in which I am able to do more activity with minimal if any pain. Get the schedule book ready as I am re-booking and cannot wait to see continued improvement.

Richelle P.

They have acupuncture and GEOFF THOMAS was unbelievably effective. I was not sure if I believed acupuncture really did any help. BUT, I had pain from a sprained foot for several months. Geoff spent extra time to concentrating on the painful spots and when I left not only was I pain free but I did not have a limp. I'm sold and Geoff is the best!

Mike H.

My first acupuncture session was amazing!! Geoff was able to pinpoint exactly where I was experiencing the most pain and relieve them fairly well. He also showed me some stretching exercises to do at work.

Lili A.

I have been a patient of Geoff for 2 years. He has helped me with sports injures, recurring chronic pain from stress, and injuries from the past that creep back up to say hello. Techniques he has preformed on me that I benefited from are Acupuncture, Gua Sha Therapy, Custom Herbal Formulas (3 times a year), Chinese Pulse Diagnosis. He also ends the therapy session with massage to the afflicted area with Chinese Liniment and great advice to keep the healing coming. He is very knowledgeable of Chinese medicine and other modalities he has also refereed me to other practitioners in other cities while traveling. His therapy has often helped me in ONE session especially while combining Chinese Herbal Therapy. He has a beautiful office space and peaceful relaxing music playing. He kindly offers hot tea or water upon arrival. I am also so proud of him for always continuing his research and education. And, is near finishing his PhD in Acupuncture.

Pedro Proz P.

Tripoint Holitic Therapy is absolutely the best place to go for you and all of your family's healthcare. I have never had acupuncture and wasn't particularly interested in finding out about it. But, I did go to Dr. Geoff for some Chinese herbs to give my Cocker Spaniel for his skin problems. I've spents thousands with the vet for anti-biotics, shampoos you name it, to treat his chronic hair loss, dry itchy skin and resulting infections. None of that actually healed him, but the formula prepared by Dr. Geoff actually did. Seeing Lucky's coat improve made a beleiver out of me and I started going. Geoff is extremely patient, empathetic and gives you his undivided attention,add having a comfy, serene waiting area, an upbeat and friendly receptionist, hot tea, outstanding treatment and you've got Tripoint Holistic Therapy. Even though I have full health insurance it's been worth it to me to go to Tripoint instead. Since beginning treatments @ 2 months I no longer have tennis elbow, knee pain or neck pain. I have more energy and have seen dramatic improvement in all areas of my health. The reviews are all accurate, the price is reasonable and the view is stupendous!

Jo Ann J.

Very professional. He was good at figuring out what was going with my ongoing lower back pain. He's treatments really helped.. He prescribed me some Chinese herbs for my stress and digestion issues which really helped. It was the first time I took Chinese herbs. I was kinda skeptical and used to taking prescription pain medicine which made me super tired. I took them how he prescribed and my problems have cleared up.

Travis M.

Goef is so passionate and in tune with the body that I am always amazed at his consultations. Personal, attentive and caring approach are some of the qualities of his accupucture services. He is always willing to listen and you never feel rushed. I would recommend Tripoint to anyone who is trying to heal and in the pursuit of well being.

Alex R.

I'm a true believer in acupuncture and anything Geoff recommends as he's just magical, gifted, and a down to earth real gentle soul. Do yourself a favor, if you're thinking about it, book him now cause he's got a special rate now that he's opened his own office Initially 4 or so years ago, I went to him for massage (acupressure) post an auto accident. And he does have magnificent hands. Then I went just for massage and tension relief from life's stress. So one massage day I asked if acupuncture would help with a meniscus tear in my knee. I had been dreading the thought of calling for an appointment with my orthopedic doctor since I already knew he'd say now you really need the surgery, as it was a repeated injury. Geoff said, "Sure , no problem." So given the options, "little needles or surgery," of course, I chose Geoff. But I was a very apprehensive about those needles. So I gritted my teeth and surprise, surprise , no problemo. And I have had no problem with my knee since. I walk regularly with friends at beaches for hours at a good clip and it's perfect. What I love too is Geoff is big about educating along with treatment. And he's glad to research things too. He can treat almost anything and with me he has. So I've continued to see Geoff for massage or acupuncture or both. Then I started trying his other specialty Chinese herbs. Better for me than those "pills" any day. I could go on and on about Geoff, all my little body ailments that he's helped. But let me tell you about my most recent problem. I woke up and couldn't get out of bed. Well, I did, but my back grabbed and I got stuck in mid movement. It was so painful and reminded me of my bad lower back disc that I had operated on 40 years ago. If you've ever had really bad disc back issues, you know the problem. Your mind says sit or stand and your body stops in mid motion and screams "NO," and you can't move. Somehow I got to his lovely new office, but all along the way, the back would grab and I couldn't move. Getting me on the table was a trick in itself. He had me do some movements to help my body with that. So he did his needles and massage pressure and then some bandage that he heated up to "activate the medicinals" and applied that to my back. When I left, it was much better, but not wonderful. I woke up next morning and truly had forgotten I'd had the problem. If I hadn't had the bandage on I wouldn't have known it had been such an excruciating issue, cause it was "perfect" and I mean like it had never happened. Above and beyond his many talents, let me just say, he's a really honest to god nice, humble and appreciative guy who just wants to help people. Where I come from we'd have said, "He's the salt of the earth and then some." He's my go to guy for anything these days, cause he's a proven commodity over and over again.

Wendy D.

Geoff is extremely patient and kind. However, these qualities alone would not keep me coming back to Tripoint. The combined acupuncture and herbal remedies practiced by Geoff have greatly reduced the pain and anxiety I had been experiencing during a stressful time in my life. Since then, I have become a frequent visitor to Geoff, following him to his new office, and retaining the healing and pain relief that comes with the natural medicine that Geoff practices.

Justine B.

Everything: you; the environment; the quality of care; the end result

Ken S.

There is a lot of care and concern for overall health, and a lot of time put into understanding the situation and coming up with the best complete solution. The office is very relaxing as well.

Amanda M.

Dr. Geoff is the best. I was very very weary of acupuncture. I would have never tried it on my own accord. I found Geoff while going to Chiropractique a couple years ago. At the time, he was there in-house acupuncturist. After a handful of chiropractic visits for my upper back, Dr. Beau said he wasn't seeing enough progress, so he gave me a complimentary visit for acupuncture with Dr. Geoff. I was scared of needles and their associated risks, but I decided it to suck it up and use my free visit. I felt great after the visit and really wanted to keep going but couldn't afford it at the time. A few years passed and my finances improved. I caught up with Geoff at his new office. Geoff has a very calming presence and I feel very comfortable with him. He uses high quality needles and will explain to you that it is completely sterile. After six visits or so, my back was feeling much better. I was very happy with Geoff and his practice. I, personally, would not trust any other acupuncturist.

Carolyn G.

Geoff carefully explained what he was doing and took the time to listen to my health complaints. Tommy was very friendly and welcoming. After one treatment, I can feel improvement.

Cynthia F.

I am appreciate the personal service that is given to me during every visit. The knowledge that Geoff shares so freely is rewarding as well,

Jackie F.

If asked if I would recommend Tripoint Holistic Therapy? Without hesitation I say ... YES!! I have to echo the reviews by also stating "Geoff is an exceptional person all around. Personally and professionally, he genuinely cares about his patients". His calm nature and attentiveness is wonderful. I sought alternative treatment for stomach issues and daily morning headaches I had been suffering from. I didn't want to go to my physician for fear that I would be prescribed a bunch of pills for an ailment I may be diagnosed with. I also feared that I would be masking the real issue with prescriptions that I would then also come to rely on. I searched Yelp for an Acupuncturist and came across Tripoint Holistic Therapy and saw all those review stars (which so many of us come to rely on). I read through reviews/testimonials. I stopped my search and booked my first appt. I am so thankful I did. Geoff really listened and helped me understand the causes for the discomfort & pain. I had my first acupuncture treatment combined with custom Chinese Herbal therapy. I encountered the best night of sleep after my initial treatment and awoke free from a nagging headache. The Chinese Herbal therapy helped my weak stomach in a week's time. I am a believer and a regular patient now visiting Geoff weekly. I feel confident that the treatments I receive from him will improve my over all health and well being. I can't say enough good things about Geoff without this review being very, very long. I can't forget to mention the front office manager Tommy!! He's awesome. He'll make you feel welcomed from the moment you step into the office. Stop reading and go book your appointment!

KiKi B.

Geoff is a terrific practitioner. His professionalism and broad knowledge, and his ability to explain the body's functions and his treatment modalities, make for a really good experience. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Allen C.

It was a very relaxing experience. From the moment I got there, I felt like I was important and that my issues I was having were something that could be treated. Geoff spent a lot of time explaining what was going to happen to me, and why. After the first treatment, I already felt much better.

Ashley H.