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Another patient succes

We would like to share this beautiful postcard sent by one of our patients who came in seeking help conceiving. Last year Dr. Thomas had 11 babies! Chinese medicine is truly amazing for fertility. #fertility #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #geoffthomas #daom #tripointholistictherapy #babies #success

Dr. Geoff has been back from Beijing…

The time spent in Beijing has been extremely valuable for Dr. Thomas. He was able to observed acupuncture treatments from 2 doctors with combined clinical experience of 80 years, participated in hands-on acupuncture diagnostics, and heard clinical pearls of wisdom from an authentic master. Dr. Thomas enjoyed the opportunity to deepen his understanding and further his knowledge of Chinese medicine because the practice of healing is an art of continuous …Read More

Week 2 of clinical training in Beijing – Nov 28th 2016

Dr. Geoff Thomas had a clinical day with Dr. Yu yesterday at the Yuetan Community clinic. Dr. Yu is senior student of Dr. Wang and she has been in practice about 26 years.Dr. Yu sees between 30 – 40 patients a day. Most of her patients are older coming in with pain, high blood pressure, post stroke, etc. #tripoint #acupuncture #clinical #poststroke #highbloodpressure #geoffthomas #chinesemedicine

Week 1 of clinical training in Beijing – Nov 21st 2016:

Dr Thomas attended 1st day of 2 weeks training with Dr. Wang Ju-Yin yesterday. Dr. Wang treated patients and gave a very rich and poignant lecture describing acupuncture channels and channel theory. Dr. Wang said it took him over 20 years before he really understood the acupuncture channels based on his carefully reading of classical medical texts and clinical practice. In the last few years, Dr. Wang has emphasize to …Read More

Update Next Week November 21st 2016:

The office will be closed Mon. Nov. 21 — Wed. Dec 7th 2016. Dr. Geoff Thomas will return to Beijing, China to continued his study with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. Dr. Wang was part of the first graduating class from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1962 and has been practicing Chinese medicine for 54 years. He is known for his classical acupuncture diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Thomas is honored …Read More

We are truly honored for this review from one of our patients about Dr. Geoff Thomas.

We are truly honored for this review from one of our patients about Dr. Geoff Thomas. Thank you.   Sarah May Grunwald reviewed TRIPOINT Holistic Therapy — 5 star When I stared seeing Dr. Thomas I was a complete mess. In fact, the minute he touched me to assess me I had a total nervous breakdown. It was in the works, it had nothing to do with him. Geoff is …Read More

Dr. Thomas attended a 2 day Kinesio Taping seminar…

Dr. Thomas attended a 2 day Kinesio Taping seminar in Seattle, WA. You may have seen athletes wearing tape or you may have used it. The taping applications are gentle and help the body with musculoskeletal pain, swelling, and posture support.   The founder of Kinesio tape, Dr. Kenzo Kase who is trained in acupuncture wanted to provide a “set of hands” his patients could wear after their treatments to …Read More

Dr. Geoff Thomas, will be out of the office Friday afternoon Sept 30th and back in the office Tuesday October 3rd. Dr. Thomas will be attending a Kinesio Taping seminar Saturday & Sunday in Northwest Hospital Outpatient Center Seattle, WA. Kinesio Taping is a great complement to acupuncture and a stand alone treatment for joint and muscle rehab and preventing injury. If you are interested in tapping and if you …Read More

The Fall Beauty Tip: By Dr. Geoff Thomas DAOM, L.A.c., C.SMA

According to traditional Chinese medicine, with the transition into the fall season, not only is the outer environment changing, but also it is believed that the inner environment of our bodies adjusts to these seasonal changes. Every season can bring new challenges to our health, and potentially increasing our susceptibility to disease. During the fall season, the organs that are vulnerable are the lungs and skin. Recently, I have been …Read More