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Update for February

Dr. Thomas will be out of the office Jan 30- February 14th. Dr. Thomas will be visiting Japanese Judo, Acupuncture, & Moxibustion Therapy College (Juisei Sinkyu) in Tokyo, Japan. Where he will be attending Judo Therapy instruction and meeting with the school’s principal, Dr. Okuda, the head of sports medicine, Dr. Mimura, and head master Dr. Aoki. The school specializes in sports medicine, gynecology, and esthetic acupuncture.   Dr. Thomas …Read More

New year’s Inspiration

Thank you Rachael C. Sharing your success story with us. YOU DID IT Rachael. Congratulations you won a silver medal. We are so PROUD of you. Team work     #newyearinspiration #teamwork #proudofyou #success #aclsurgery #tripointholistictherapy #geoffthomas #tcm #acupuncture #thankyou #chicagomarathon #medal #won

Happy New Year!

Dr. Geoff Thomas on his recent trip to Vietnam where he completed 4 weeks of training in Vietnamese acupuncture at the Vietnamese Traditional Medical Institute.   #tripointholistictherapy #vietnameseacupuncture #vietnamesemedince #geoffthomas #traditionalmedince #Orientalmedicine #TCM #DAOM Institute Of French-Vietnamese Traditional Oriental Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  

Week 2 of clinical training in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

In the mornings Dr. Thomas is treating patients in the hospital. For each patient, he is asked to explain the rationale for his diagnosis. Then he performs acupuncture on each patient. In the afternoons he treats patients for free at Dr. Marc Mezard’s house. Treating patients at Marc Mezard’s house in the afternoon.     Vietnamese acupuncture is quite dynamic because the functional evaluation and treatment takes into consideration the …Read More

Week 1 clinical training in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Week 1 at the Traditional Medicine Institute Dr. Geoff Thomas had the privilege of observing a senior doctor who will be retiring in one month. All of his patients we treated were elderly females who had suffered from a stroke and these conditions are similar to what Dr. Thomas have seen in hospitals in China. In the US, it’s not as common to see patients who’ve had a stroke seek …Read More

Important update for the month of December

Happy holidays!   We want to give an important update for the month of December:   Dr. Geoff Thomas will be out of the office starting Monday, December 4. He will return and resume appointments on Monday, January 8th.   Dr. Thomas will be participating in a four-week acupuncture training program at the Vietnamese Traditional Medical Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.   For over 1,000 years, Vietnam was …Read More

Anthony Says Hello

  We had another special guest last week. Meet Anthony. He’s a healthy 6 month year old baby. Last year, his parents came in to Tripoint Holistic Therapy seeking fertility support. With some help using herbs and acupuncture, his mom was able to conceive naturally. Lately, we’ve had several babies stop by and we are so honored to be part of this amazing process.     #fertility #naturally #baby #babies …Read More

Meet Alessa!

She is one of the latest additions to the Tripoint family and today she one month old. Her parents are very happy that we helped them with fertility support. It’s always an honor and a special moment for me to meet the little ones who we had a small impact on helping to come into this world. #tripoint #natural #fertility #intothisworlf #parents #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #geoffthomas #DAOM #eastern