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Acupuncture is a safe, natural, drug-free, and effective way to treat pain, get well and stay healthy.


Many people are unfamiliar with this method of treatment for pain, and may be hesitant to try it. However, after seeing and feeling the benefits, many people change their minds and make it a regular part of their health maintenance program.


Acupuncture works by stimulating the release of specific neurotransmitters that activate the immune system. Acupuncture causes the release of endorphins such as norepinphrine, acetylcholine and opioids, which positively affect the nervous system, reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing blood circulation, and improving relaxation.





  • relaxes tight muscles
  • helps to heal soft tissue injuries
  • increases range of motion
  • regulates hormonal cycles
  • improves symptoms of digestive disorders
  • reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • improves sleep
  • lessen the symptoms of allergies
  • boosts the immune system
  • treats headaches and migraines



Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Geoff uses pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts that have been prepared following standards set by the World Health Organization. He custom blends these to target the root cause of each ailment, to optimally support your unique physical state. Taken in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs facilitate the healing and recovery process.








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